A Columbus Photographer in Germany

Here are Ursula & Michael Frühwald in the Schlossgarten, the Castle Garden, in Münster Germany.  There are formal gardens and a botanical garden, located walking distance from downtown.

Ursula & Michael are great tour guides.  They made a visit to Münster all the more interesting.


CAHS Performance of Macbeth

This is my favorite take from the entire performance.  Lady Macbeth at her most diabolical.
It was a stunning performance by a high school troupe.  Minimalist in costumes and set design, it was Shakespeare to the max.  The dialogue was faithful in its reproduction.


Portrait Photography, Columbus, Ohio

Stacia again.

This time in the shade of a building.  She's at the edge of the shadow, so that as she leans over, the sunlight catches her hair.

There's a reflector in front of her, to provide fill.


OSU Graduation Portrait, Columbus OH

Congratulations to Nadine Kamiya on the occasion of her graduation from the Ohio State University on March 16, 2008.

A feat, in and of itself, Nadine's graduation was extra blessed by the attendance of her four children, including the 11 month old twin girls.


B&W Portrait Photography, Columbus, OH

I don't shoot Black & White very often, but sometimes a scene just calls for it.

That's the way this one was for me.

This is Jenny at Image Makers Studio in Pontiac, MI.


Portrait Photography, Columbus, Ohio

Stacia in the Plaza

Arches are a repeated theme for me.

Having the opportunity to photograph a great model with an arch in the background is even better.

Stacia is Lady Legs on Model Mayhem.


NY Travel Photography - Soho from Columbus, OH

When in NY, my favorite art gallery to visit has to be Louis K Meisel Gallery, on Prince Street in Soho.  There are some amazing finds there, although some are bigger than my walls.  Maybe it's time to look at a loft, for those over size pieces.



Springtime. Finally!

The Butterflies agree, although this one was inside the Franklin Park Consevatory.  It made it to 78 degrees today.  It felt like Silk Degrees. 

Unfortunately, the forecast calls for rain all weekend.


Tax Rebate & New Wheels

Now is the time to get a new set of wheels.  Pay for them with the tax rebate and stimulate the economy at the same time.

These fancy numbers were found on the street in Barcelona, Spain.  They were courtesy of a guided tour company.  It turned out to be quite an efficient tour method.  It was a quick way to cover a lot of territory.

Having found the interesting sights by bike, it was easy to pick and choose where to return for a more in depth visit.  



Income Tax Day

At 7:oo pm the Main Post Office in Columbus, Ohio had the streets blocked off, with orange cones, snaking into the parking lot.  Postal employees waited to greet each passing car and take their tax returns.  There were lines at that hour, but it was bound to make the evening news by 11:00 pm.


Feed the Eagle

Tomorrow is Income Tax day.  Don't forget to feed the eagle.

With that having been said, there is not a lot of time for a lengthy post today.


Travel Day to New York City

New York City is one of my favorite travel destinations in the US (and not just because it is my hometown).  What strikes me about the skyline, is not just the skyscrapers, but the water towers.  To me, they are uniquely New York.

This image, the Upper West Side at dusk.  April, 2006. 


Portrait Photography

This is another image taken at the Lighting Essentials Workshop in Detroit.

It was taken outside Image Makers Studio, in Pontiac, Michigan.

Fire escapes are another of my repeating themes.  Here model "kimmyp" from Model Mayhem poses for our team exercise.  

Taken 6 Apr 2008.

First Post

Today marks a new step: my first Blog.

Here is a link to my main gallery:  

It will be updated later with individual links, to make it easier for you to index the sub-galleries.  

This image taken at the Lighting Essentials Workshop Detroit, by Don Giannatti.  The model is Stacia Eikholdt, know as Lady Legs on Model Mayhem.  It is taken in front of Image Makers Studio on Pike Street in Pontiac, Michigan.