Asian Festival

Family of Fans

Here is a new photo from the Asian festival in Columbus on Memorial Day weekend. There are many volunteer opportunities and I was fortunate to be able to volunteer as a photographer for the event. There was great dancing, singing and musical performances. The costumes were stunning.


Dykes & Canals

Canal in Delft

All the water in the canals, held back by the dykes, is the reason for all of the windmills. A windmill can raise the water level by 10 feet (3 meters). So many times a poulder (reclaimed land) has several levels of dykes and windmills to raise the water to sea level.

Riding on train, it is interesting so see houses with a 6 foot high dyke holding back a canal in their back yard. The water level is above their first floor windows!


City Hall in Delft

Delft; the city in Holland that is famous for its blue painted pottery. This is the doorway to the city hall in the center of the town square.


Windmills in Holland

Kinderdijk 2

The largest collection of Windmills in the Netherlands can be found in Kinderdijk. Many of them are still in operation.


Barcelona - Arches as Frames

Barcelona & Fotografia
A photography exhibition in Barcelona, Spain.  The exhibit was held in the castle, in the old city, in the heart of downtown Barcelona.   Travel Photography by Will Brenner, Columbus, Ohio.


German Castles

Muenster has a beautiful Castle.  It looks more like a Palace.  Behind the castle is a fantastic Botanical Garden.


Prom Night - Garden Photo

Flowering Trees like the pink dogwood make spring formals even more spectacular.

Prom Night Gallery

The gardens are beautiful this time of year.


Prom Night by Will Brenner

Well it is Prom Season, and tonight is a beautiful night for these beautiful couples, on their way to their senior prom.  Here's wishing them well as they head off to college in the fall.

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